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DevOps Training Course in Chandigarh

DevOps Training Course in Chandigarh

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A Comprehensive Guide to DevOps& It’s Tools Ecosystem?

One of the most important practices in software development is the organization as individuals or teams for the realization of this project. Several works were done to perfect this process with the aim of maximizing the performance and reliability of the software by minimizing the time and budget for implementation and maintenance while remaining faithful to the client’s requests.

Companies often use specific models during development, such as the waterfall model, the V model, the spiral model, and agile methods (and many others) to perfect the software development process. Much of the effect of these tools and software depends on using the right development and implementation methods.

Software engineering is the science dedicated to developing these different methods and practices. Software engineering has evolved a lot in recent years, with research work, contributions from engineers, and feedback. In this guide, you will explore a newer cousin of Agile and Lean methods: DevOps and its Tools Ecosystem.

DevOps, what is it exactly? 

DevOps Training in Chandigarh is a collaborative philosophy and practice that emphasizes agility, automation, and teamwork between development and operations personnel. Concretely, in the field, you need people (Dev and Ops) who are ready to collaborate together following a certain method as a single team even if the roles are different (Dev and Ops), with the same objectives and in s relying on a panel of tools. The main goal of DevOps is to bring development and operations teams together for better collaboration and fewer inconsistencies between teams.

Understanding the DevOps tools ecosystem

DevOps teams rely on a range of tools for their daily tasks and missions. Below is a list of the most commonly used tools in this field.

CI/CD development

CI/CD stands for “Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment .”Instead of delivering source code to operations in a single block and at a given time, the code is tested as it is written and modified. Integration and deployment tools help modernize applications by reducing the time needed to create new features. The code, functional since verified, will serve as a basis for the operational staff.

Jenkins is one of the most widely used platforms as an open-source CI/CD tool. Other paid solutions include GitLabCI and Concourse etc.

Versioning tools

These software tools facilitate code modifications and track the identity of their authors, with each change resulting in a new version. While GitHub holds a dominant position as a versioning tool, GitLab is gaining popularity due to its efficient CI capabilities. Both tools allow teams to monitor project progress and access a comprehensive history of changes, making them invaluable for collaborative work.

Infrastructure as Code (IaC) 

Another great benefit of using the cloud in DevOps is that it gives us the ability to manage and provision our infrastructure using code rather than manual processes, thanks to IaC tools.

With IaC, you use configuration files containing the specifications of your infrastructure to provision it. This then makes it easy to edit and distribute configurations automatically. It also helps ensure that you provide the same environment every time. 

Architecture micro-services

Microservices is an approach that breaks down a big problem into small units implemented as microservices. These micro-services are responsible for the functionality, perfectly autonomous (their own databases, their own application servers … etc.), separately developed, tested, and deployed from the others.

You can use different technologies for the development of micro-services (Java, NodeJs, .NET, etc.); the main thing is that they expose a REST API. The data exchange carried out through the different APIs they expose is the only relationship between the different micro-services. When combined, these microservices can perform very complex operations. Microservices also provide better fault isolation. Thus, in the event of an error in service, the entire application does not necessarily stop working. After fixing the error, we deploy the fix only in the affected service instead of redeploying the entire application.


Containers make it possible to isolate an application with all the elements it needs to function.

Docker- Docker is free, open-source software that focuses on standardizing and specifying containers to build a healthy ecosystem to run a single application.

Kubernetes: Kubernetes is a container orchestration platform that simplifies their deployment and management and houses many packages.

Container orchestration

Container orchestration optimizes the process of container deployment, management, scaling, load balancing, network configuration, and monitoring. This technology can be leveraged in any containerized environment, enabling seamless application deployment across multiple platforms without the need for extensive reengineering.

Cloud providers

Cloud providers offer businesses and individuals remote storage solutions. Today, three major players share the cloud service market: Google Cloud Platform, Azure, and AWS. AWS is indisputably the world leader in this market by offering the widest range of services.


The foundation of DevOps Course in Chandigarh is centered around fostering a culture that values individuals and their unique contributions. one does not work on this aspect in the proper way, one cannot accomplish anything special. The main objective is to enable people and teams to feel the comfort of being able to add value to the organization in an innovative way without worrying about being wrong or making mistakes. It is a culture of experimentation and continuous learning. Then you choose the best tools adapted to this philosophy to best achieve your objectives.

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