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How To Get Your First 1000 Visitors To Your Blog?

by e-blog.in

There are many ways to promote your blog and receive traffic Some work well, some don’t. In this article I will give you my top ways to promote your blog and receive your first 1000 visitors.

First ask yourself why do you want traffic?

Why do you want traffic to come to your blog? Are you selling your own product or promoting someone else’s product as an affiliate?

The best way to get traffic to your blog is to give visitors free high quality content that they can use straight away. When you give visitors high quality information that they can use right away and see results they will remember you and more importantly they will remember where they found the information your blog.

Quality Content Is King!!

To attract prospects to your blog you need to give them a reason to come to your blog in the first place.

This reason needs to improve their lives, so when they leave your blog they have learnt something that makes their lives better and increases their chance of success.

When you write quality content other blogs in your chosen niche will link to you and this will increase the amount of traffic to your blog. When you write content for you blog spend that bit of extra time on it put more quality into your posts than other people do, this will give your posts a higher chance of being read to the end and also your blog having more traffic from your posts.

Aim to put 10x more quality into your posts then other blogs do in their posts. You don’t want to be as good as your competition, you want to be 10x better, you want your blog to be the blog where prospects come to. The only way you will separate yourself from other blogs is to put that something special into your posts.

Make sure your posts are original, well researched, well written and constructed properly.

Blog Design And layout.

There is no point in having quality content if your blogs design and layout is rubbish.

So what if you get 1000 visitors to your blog, they could will leave after one visit and never come back because your blog design and layout was really poor and unfriendly. Navigating a blog should be a process, your prospect should be able to navigate your blog with ease and know what the next step is, they should not have guess what to do next.

Give your prospects a “map” of where to go next in your blog, make it really easy for your prospects to find what they are looking for. When they have read one post what is the next step? Is the next step another post or is the next step buying a product? At the end of one post show them where to go next, keep the momentum going, keep your prospects on your blog for a bit longer.

keep your blog layout simple but give your blog layout tons of impact. I see so many blogs trying to cram to much into their blog layouts this confuses prospects (information overload) and they leave in search of another blog that will give them the answers that are looking for.

Here is a formula that you should use for your blog.

Good looking theme:

Choose a theme that has impact and that is easy on the eye. Choose a theme is simple to navigate so prospects can find what they are looking for. If you really want to give your blog impact, hire someone to design your theme for you. Tell them what you want your blog theme to look like and they will design it for you. This will cost money, but as the saying goes “you need to spend money to make money”.

Quality Content:

Review the quality content is king section. Make sure you content is powerful, useful, usable and gives them something to think about. With so many other blogs out there, make sure your blog is the best option for your prospects. The only way you will do this is by giving them quality content.

Who Are You?

To stand out from all the other blogs in your niche, you need to create a connection with your prospects.

The best way to do this is by showing them who you are, make your about page something that inspires your prospects to want to learn more about you. Put your picture in your header, put your about me page on your sidebar. You want to make your prospects feel at ease. There are so many people who just want to make money, they never take the time to create that personal touch. The more your prospects trust you the higher the chance you have of making a sale in the future.

If you use these 3 parts of the formula together, you will see a massive increase in traffic to your blog. When visitors come to your blog you need ways of increasing the chances your visitors will return. Ways to do this are RSS feeds (people subscribe to your RSS feed and get emailed when you add new posts). RSS feeds are very powerful in improving the chance of people coming back to your blog. Make sure your RSS feed icon is visible, put your RSS feed on your sidebar, end of posts and on your about me page.

Another powerful way to get prospect to come back is to get prospects on your newsletter list. When prospects read their emails they will see an email sent from you and open it. This is your chance to add value to your prospects and show them why you are their best option.

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