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How to Increase Followers and Likes on Facebook

by oraclecroft

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms. Millions log on to Facebook every day to see their friends’ updates, share news with others and keep abreast of the latest. Brands want to use Facebook to reach customers in collaboration with influential people.

We will help you grow your Facebook followers, so that your business can make the most out of social media.

Ten Tips to Increase Your Facebook Followers and Likes

Make Trendy Content

Trending content is the best way to increase Facebook engagement. Trending content can bring in significant numbers of people to your account, whether it’s an article, photo or video, meme, or both.

Companies can spot hot topics by watching what’s being discussed on top websites like Buzzfeed. It shows what people are talking about at the moment.

Targeting your email list to increase Facebook followers and likes is a great idea if you have a large mailing list for marketing purposes. Sending newsletters to your customers should include a call-to-action regarding Facebook.

To receive the latest updates, specials and other information, make sure your followers like your page! Even if only a small number of people sign up for your email list, this can make a big difference in increasing your followers.

Use the Facebook Follow Button

Companies would be stunned at the sheer number of people who are eager to check out their social media profiles, but don’t know if they exist. You should mark buttons on your website that inform visitors when they visit it.

The personal Facebook follow button can be created by you and placed on various pages of your website. Clicking the button will take users to your Facebook page. If they have an existing account, you will need to click the Follow button.

Make Facebook videos

Research shows that videos get more attention and responses on Facebook. A great way to gain more followers is to make sure you share existing video content about your business, products or services.

A short and concise Instagram video should be clear and concise. Videos can be used for promoting products and services, revealing discounts, or giving an insider’s view of company operations.

Create a great introduction

Do not forget to include the “About” section in your Facebook profile. People will have a greater chance of finding your profile in the search results pages if you provide the right details.

You will rank higher in Facebook searches and also show up higher in Google search results for search engines. The section should include information such as the company’s name, address, phone number, mission statement and other details. Your profile will appear more professional if more people know about it and your name.

Use Hashtags in the Post

Many companies still use hashtags with Twitter. These hashtags are essential for users to interact on Twitter and Facebook. A user can view all relevant posts if they click hashtags or type them into Google’s search engine. Click here to get more post likes

You can use hashtags to make your content popular. This is a great way to get more people to notice your content. Even people who don’t follow you can still view your posts, especially if they are famous.

Use Facebook Live

Facebook Live gives businesses the opportunity to live-stream their operations with their viewers.

Followers of your page will receive a notification that you are streaming live. You can interact with the video by commenting or liking it. When viewers view the live video, it can create an audience. Click here to get more live views

Consider collaborating with other influencers

Do not be afraid to interact with your followers. Facebook isn’t just for businesses. Your Facebook account can be used for more than just updating statuses and information about your company. Facebook allows you to connect with your target audience directly.

Your brand can appear more personal by responding to questions and offering creative answers. Engaging with influencers who have many followers can be a great way to build a working relationship.

Post at the Right Moment

It is just as important to write about what you are writing as it is to share the content, especially when you want to increase engagement. Research shows that you have a 20-30% chance of receiving more attention if your posts are between 1 and 4 pm on Thursday through Sunday.

According to the study, 3pm is the best time for posting if you want to increase clicks. 1 pm is good for sharing. If you want to increase your followers, focus on claims. This means that you should post at 1 pm on Thursdays or Sundays.

Take risks

For large companies with a lot of brand recognition and loyalty, it is easy to play safe. Companies that want to be noticed and gain more traction on social networks should not be afraid to take risks with posts, replies and videos.

Risk-averse does not mean saying things that are insensitive or disrespectful. It is important to keep your cool and use humor when necessary. The best businesses will have the greatest success in growing their followers.

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