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Kanye West What She Order Fish Filet Hamburger Tee Shirts

by oraclecroft

Kanye West is known for his creative genius and unique style, both in his music and fashion. One of his most memorable fashion moments is the “What She Order Fish Filet Hamburger” tee shirts. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the origin and meaning behind this iconic fashion statement.


  • Brief overview of Kanye West and his fashion influence

The Inspiration

  • The origin of the “What She Order Fish Filet Hamburger” phrase
  • How it relates to Kanye’s music and creative process

The Tee Shirts

  • Description of the tee shirts, including design and materials
  • Popularity and demand of the tee shirts

Impact on Fashion

  • Influence of Kanye’s fashion choices on pop culture
  • How the “What She Order Fish Filet Hamburger” tee shirts have influenced fashion trends

Memes and Parodies

  • Overview of internet memes and parodies of the tee shirts
  • Examples of popular parodies and their impact


  • Criticism and backlash against the tee shirts and their message
  • Analysis of the controversy and its implications


  • Summary of the article’s key points
  • Reflection on Kanye’s fashion legacy and the lasting impact of the “What She Order Fish Filet Hamburger” tee shirts


  1. What does the phrase “What She Order Fish Filet Hamburger” mean?
  • The phrase is a reference to a line in Kanye West’s song “Gone,” where he raps about taking a woman to McDonald’s and buying her whatever she wants.
  1. Are the tee shirts still available for purchase?
  • It’s unlikely that the original tee shirts are still available for purchase, but there are many knock-off versions circulating online.
  1. Has Kanye West ever addressed the controversy surrounding the tee shirts?
  • Kanye has not publicly commented on the controversy, but many fans and critics have expressed their opinions on the message behind the phrase.
  1. How have other musicians and celebrities influenced fashion trends?
  • Many musicians and celebrities have used their influence to create their own fashion lines and collaborations, shaping the industry and popular culture.
  1. What other iconic fashion moments has Kanye West been a part of?
  • Kanye has been known for his avant-garde fashion sense, including his collaboration with Adidas on the Yeezy line and his infamous “I Am a God” leather kilt outfit.

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