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Easy Online Payments for Tuition Fees

by bansi shaha

Parents and students face inconvenience and hassles to make the periodic payment of tuition fees. Visiting the tuition or coaching classes or the school premises is a pain when they have to take out the time from their busy schedules.

There are parent meetings and other events when the parents have to come and visit. If this one visit for the payment of the tuition fees is reduced they will experience a lot of conveniences. Because it comes attached with various other worries and tensions such as the burden of deadlines, standing in queues with cash or cheque, etc.

On the other side, the school’s administration works are also added with the manual entries and payment collections. It comes attached with the risk and fraudulent activities. There is a threat of theft when in transit to deposit the cash or cheque in the banks.

What is the best for the payment of tuition fees?

Collecting online payments for the tuition fees of coaching and schools classes is the best way to accept the tuition fees. It is an advanced and convenient solution for various educational institutes. This will help the parents and students and the school administration as well.

Private or government schools, colleges universities, coaching services, online classes, etc can enable smooth payments for their students and teachers.

How to accept the online fees payments?

The institutes can accept the payment of tuitions fees with the right payment gateway. It is the best way to collect the tuition fees due to the below-given reasons:

  1. Safe and Secured

The ideal payment gateway is safe and secure due to the security compliances followed by them. This makes the payment processing free of risk of any thefts or loss. Also, the payments will directly go into your bank account without such thefts.

  1. Various payment methods

Multiple payment method options appeal and make it convenient for the customers to make payments for the tuition fees. They can pay with a credit card, debit card, UPI, wallets, net banking, or by scanning the QR code. Various modes of payment options encourage the parents to pay without any hesitance

  1. School Bank Account to accept fees

You can register your official school bank account with the payment gateway merchant account to receive the payments for tuition fees.

  1. Integration

You can integrate your payment gateway with the school’s website or mobile application. The parents can simply visit there and make the online fees payment.

  1. Payment Links

In case you do not use a platform such as a website or an app, Payment Links can help you to accept online payments through email, SMS, WhatsApp, etc.

  1. Easy Reminders

You can simply send the broadcast message for a reminder of the payment. The parents can go on the platform and make the payment or you can send the payment links with the reminder.

  1. Benefits for parents

Using a payment gateway has many benefits for parents and students. It saves time, lowers risk, the parents can pay at any time, safe and secured, etc.

  1. Benefits for the administration of the institute

The manual work of the school administration will be decreased to a great extent too. This includes the reduced tasks of printing receipts, reconciliation of the accounts, tracking of the fees payments, collecting cash or cheque, and depositing them.

  1. Online Classes

If you are running online classes, it is the best way to accept the fees. Neither the students nor the parents need to visit you to make the fees payments.

PayKun Payment Gateway for Payments of Tuition Fees

PayKun is an ideal payment gateway to accept the payment of the fees due to various reasons. It follows strict security compliances such as PCI DSS and encryption standards. There are 120+ payment mode options for the parents to make the payment. The PayKun payment links make payment acceptance easy and hassle-free through SMS, email, Whatsapp, etc.

Also, the onboarding and the activation process of the PayKun merchant account is easy and hassle-free. Also, it processes the fast settlements of your online fee payments. Most importantly, it has the lowest transaction fees in India. There are no other fees such as setting up and maintenance.

How to get started with PayKun?

You can first contact the PayKun sales team to discuss your requirements or you can directly sign up with the PayKun account. Register with the basic details and documents and submit them for verification. The team will verify them and after successful verification, the merchant account will be activated. Then you can integrate the PayKun payment gateway or start accepting the payments for the tuition fees through payment links.

Get in touch or sign up today to start with the PayKun payment gateway.

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