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How To Write an Instagram Bio

Guide on How To Write an Instagram Bio

by Bharat Rawat

Instagram is one of the most popular social media websites today. More and more users are opting in for Instagram as their primary social media platform. Popularity of Instagram is on the rise and the Facebook owned company aspires to add more users in the coming months. So, as a part of your social media marketing services, it is important to be on Instagram for maximum exposure. Moreover, as an Instagram profile holder, you need to have a perfect Instagram bio. Here’s how to write an Instagram bio.

Business Bio Ideas For Instagram

Bio is the first thing that people notice about your Instagram profile. The bio is like an introduction to your brand. Furthermore, it is important for you to stand out and with a perfect Instagram bio, you can surely expect people to follow your work and see your content.

Another aspect for having the perfect Instagram bio is to create a brand image. In a short introduction you need to tell people about your product or service and make it interesting. The brand image is highlighted by what you represent and an Instagram bio is a reflection of your brand’s personality.

With a bio that represents what your company’s philosophy is, it’ll force people to join in and become your followers. This in turn will help you grow your brand and your business via social media and digital marketing techniques.

Components of The Instagram Bio

Profile Pic

The Profile picture is the visual representation of your business. Interesting logos, product images, or individual images can help views associate better with your brand. It is better to highlight your brand logo or product images here for better visibility. However, make sure that the profile picture fits Instagram’s set ratio and is highlighted well on your profile as well as when you minimise the pic to view on your Instagram profile page. Moreover, you can always apply for a verified badge to create a sense of authenticity.


The username is another aspect of your profile that needs to be clear as well as highlight the name of your brand. Moreover, once you start becoming famous, people will search for your brand name. When this happens you need to appear in search results so that you gain a number of followers and increase your business. Hence, it is important to have the perfect username.


You can add your website link in your bio to divert traffic to your landing page or your website. Furthermore, people would eventually want to know more about your business and the website is the way you can tell them everything about your company. Due to ecommerce, many brands are promoting their products on Instagram and adding the link to their website in the bio so that it becomes easier for people to connect and place an order with them.

Email and Phone Number or WhatsApp Button

No matter how great your content is on social media or on your website. There are times when people want to have a one on one conversation with your brand. Adding an email, phone number or a WhatsApp button would encourage a feeling of connection with your audience and they would know they can contact you anytime in the future.

The Instagram Bio

Finally, coming to the main bio itself, Instagram allows you to write a custom bio on your profile. However, it is limited to 150 characters. So, it becomes important from a brand’s view point to make use of each of the 150 characters to their advantage.

First, begin with introducing your brand and what you’re selling. You can brief up about your products or services. Adding hashtags to your bio helps you with search engines and your profile will pop up once you have the relevant hashtags. Add important company information as where you are based and how customers can reach you. Moreover, as time goes by, you can always edit your bio to showcase new products via a landing page or highlight ongoing offers.

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